01 yz426 radiator problem.

I was out riding some trails on my bike today... got into a real messy trail where the wheels were spinnin a LOT, all of a sudden there was steam shooting out of my right hand radiator :lol: . i filled it back up with coolant and started the bike and let it warm up, i couldnt find any leaks. just wondering if theres some sort of pressure release system on the bikes. anyone had the same thing happen to them?

Did you fill your radiator with the right mixture of coolant? Or does it come premixed?

umm i usually mix it.. it was premixed this time, do you have any idea what it mite be? i cant figure it out theres no sign of any leaks

Out of the radiator cap? If so you overheated it.

I had my cap go bad after a few repeated muddy days...ie the bike got hot more than a few times. replaced the 1.1 cap with an Outlaw racing 1.6. Kawi sell the same cap for less

yeh i think it was from the cap.. so i just need to buy a new one is it?

You may not need a new one - they are designed to let go if the pressure gets too great - saves your head/base gaskets. I would pressure test it to make sure it's still ok.

I use my 426 for enduro/woods riding, it often shoots steam out of the right hand radiator. It's just normal overheating, let it cool down, and check coolant more often. If you overheat it many times during a trip, fill radiator with water (from rivers, camelback, anything you'll find), just make sure to change it when you're home

Same thing with me, just replaced my cap.

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