hard shiffting into first.

Please give your input into why my bike is difficult to **** from 2nd into first. I always need to let the cluth out a little to put presure on the trans. to get it to slid into first gear. Seams to get worse when it is warm. I have tried to adjust the clutch way out. This only helps a "little". Give me your thoughts!

The pinch bolt on the gear shift lever gets loose rather quickly on my bike. I notice it because shifting gets a little sloppy. Tighten it back up and the problem goes away.

I do not know on this bikes, but my XT used to have this problem when I overtighten the chain.

I also got the same problem with my XR after a long wheelie, the oil from the frame gets in the engine, so maybe check your engine oil level also...

Also you may want to change over (if not already) to synthetic oil. Helps for smoother shifts.

i had this problem and a buddy said i was not pulling clutch in all the way!Turns out i was pulling it in like i did while i was riding(like maybe half way).Had to concentrate for awhile on pulling all the way in,problem fixed TRY IT MIGHT BE YOU NOT BIKE! :)

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Say Rich, when you jetted your bike what were the results of EMM clip #4?

At clip #4, the bike runs rougher and blubbers a little on mid-throttle acceleration. But that's just because of the current weather conditions in Florida. The humidity is near 100% all the time lately and it's been consistently in the 90s. When it was cooler, a larger MJ (158-160) and EMM clip #4 made it run just fine. As you can see from my signature, I've got it on clip #3 and a 155 MJ right now.

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Yes, Taffy’s numbers work well.

In my area the humidity and temperatures are always fluctuating. I have found mine to run a little rough on 90 plus degree-days with humidity around 75 percent. I noticed it runs it’s hardest when temps are in the 70’s and humidity is below 60 percent.

I would think with the larger displacement, open exhaust, cf airbox, and YZ timing, my numbers should be at or below where you are Rich.


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