little smoke on start up


after about 3300 of fun filled trail miles (with no reliability issues what so ever) my 2000 wr is smoking a little at start up. I can only assume this is due to the valve seats being worn.

Anyone else experienced this. Can I get a few more rides out of it before I take down for maintenance??



go get some Yamalube "ring-free" it will help get carbon buildup off the oil ring and other areas. I use it in my wifes xr 200 and it really did make a huge difference. But my bike does the same thing. But only while the choke is on. Then it goes away. Good luck

Two schools of thought for me.....

1: Compression check

2: 3k miles Hummm Valves leaking

I am not sure as far as how hard you have ridden, but I would say its time for a refreash and tear down, 3k is alot of miles

thats just my $4.26 worth

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If it is still running fine try the Ring free. What can it hurt.

3000 Miles on a 4 Stroke isn't really alot of miles. I know folks that have 8-9K on their Street Legal WR's. I saw one refreshed at 5K and it really didn't need it then, everything inside was nice and shiney...

The Ring Free couldn't hurt.

Bonzai :)

Does anyone have any idea how many miles the rings or valve seals can hold, before needing change? Do you need to change the piston also? What is the usual scenario?

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