GYTR Race Head

According to dirt rider, yamaha has developed a race head that will be available through GYTR for both the YZ and YFZ 450. Does anyone know what this kit includes? Cams, valves and a high comp piston?

from yamaha's site.

GYTR® Ported Cylinder Head Assembly

Through extensive development, with flow bench, dyno, and track testing, we achieved optimum power from our GYTR ported cylinder head. Once we perfected the head flow characteristics, we meticulously digitized the ports to obtain the precise dimensions needed for CNC machining, Unlike flow variations inherent in hand porting, CNC porting lets us accurately reproduce this maximized flow design with every cylinder head manufactured. Cylinder head comes as a ready-to-install assembly, with valve train and GYTR Performance Camshafts pre-assembled. Can be used with stock or GYTR performance piston. (GYT-5D305-00-00), sold separately.

All of that for only $2,245.95. :lol:

a little rich for my blood, mine with drd pipe is more than enough, but it must work its the same head that james stewart uses on his 09 yz450f in the supercross series.

Get2 there cheap

What is the big charge for?

That isn't too steep of a price for a new head, cams, valves and springs. When you consider the head is ported and you could transfer the whole head to a new bike that isn't bad considering that some shops charge around $3,600 for the same thing, and they require your cams for exchange.

There are about $1500 or more in brand new parts alone sitting in that head, then the custom work.

A set of billet cams run over $800 alone. What is the link on yamaha's website? I've looked in the accesories for the YZ450 but I can't find the GYTR head anywhere.

Never mind, found it in the YFZ parts. I hope that MXA tests it pretty soon.

Part Number is 18P-E11B0-V0-00, listed only for the YFZ at present.

CNC digitized porting, it sounds like your getting James Stewarts head off his race bike!

wow, that's gotta give a good kick in the pants! It's awesome that yamaha offers such product. considering what you get, the price is not too much, just too much for my budget.

Too much for me too.

Gotta have it! :lol:

OK Wes, we expect you to give us a report shortly. I want one, but as always I wait for tests.

OK Wes, we expect you to give us a report shortly. I want one, but as always I wait for tests.

I would love to put this head on then stroke it by maybe 2-3 MM. It would be awesome, but yet still reliable.

so anyone got a report on the GYTR Head?

I can't imagine the average rider needing this. How many honestly uses all the power that this bike has, I mean, what ever gear you are in and throttle pinned and needing more.

so anyone got a report on the GYTR Head?

Search for a post on that subject by member gdbarr1976, or send him a PM. He had one for a time.

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