450 Torque Correction

I noticed some corrections in my service manual. On pages 2-19, 4-76, 4-77 & 4-81, adhesive-type, white paper corrections have been made regarding proper torque for the rotor nut.

These entries now read: 85 Nm (8.5 m/kg, 61 ft/lb)

I purchased my WR450 from a dealer owned by a close friend. He has not been notified by Yamaha of any problems yet. Will advise soonest when he does.

BTW, my bike is #1041. No probs yet, but only a few hours on it.

Reese King

Did you or your dealer check the torque on the nut yet?

Neither. He was out of town this past week. He'll contact Yamaha next week and we'll go from there.



My dealer has been advised by Yamaha to lap the rotor & shaft and retorque to the original spec of 47 ft/lbs. They have revised the torque spec that they corrected in the manuals.

47 ft/lbs is the correct spec.

TSB (technical Service Bulletin) will soon follow.

Reese King

I checked mine last night.It clicked at 47 ft-lbs. I removed the rotor nut,cleaned oil off,put on some locktite & retorqued to 47 ft-lbs.Still 0 miles on it but if you cant ride due to weather, might as well work on it.

03 WR450FR-picked up 2/3/03.Works connection alum. frame guards.

Mine came with the stickers and a loose page that superceded the manual with 47 ft/lbs. I've tried to shine a light through the stickers to see what it was originally but can't figure it out.


page 2-19 peeled off label said 50 lb

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