Need Valve 06 450

I Need To Replace The Valves On My 06 450 What Is The Most Cost Efective Route? that would be head valves

Thumper Talk OEM Parts is one way to get genuine Yamaha stuff cheaper than retail. OEM valves last as long as just about anything available when the head is correctly prepped.

Kibblewhite makes a stainless steel valve that is a little less costly than OEM Ti, but SS valves require heavier springs due to their significantly greater weight, and the KW spring kit all but wipes out the savings on the price of the valves. This is because KW uses a titanium spring retainer to save back some of the weight increase from the valves.

Faction MX makes a low cost one-piece SS valve, and sells a low cost spring kit with it. It is the cheapest way to go, and I do know of one reputable builder that has used them in customer engines, but I don't have any feedback as to how well they work or how durable they have turned out to be.

There are other aftermarket sources, but I don't have any info on them.

:worthy::lol: If you live close to pemberten go to lincons te might have some and for the lowest price

pm sent

I was wondering the same thing..... any feedback on the factions mxers

OK! With some discussion over the last few days with some race shops I have come to find that they are putting the stainless steel valves on the intake side without the spring kits on the 450s. Does anyone have any clear info on this? One of the race shops are world known for engine building. They explained that on the 450 their is not much spring rate diffrence on the kw ss springs compaired to stock. Or would the best thing to do is just bite the bullet on the stock valves and make sure they are seated right. Makes me want to go back to the 2 stroke.

One approach you could take would be the KW valves and the spring kit from Faction. That would save some money, give you springs made for the heavier valves, and valves of a known quality.

i rebuilt my head on my 06 450 just befor winter with all stock stuff.. ive had great luck with the stock valves on my 450 when i bought it new but to a recent wrist pin break i had to redo my valves or else the ones from the factory would still be in there..

i would use the stock stuff:worthy:

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