Help! Need left case cover! Or where to buy!

Hey all, cracked my left case cover this weekend when i slammed into a rock. Got a nice crease in the case and its leaking. Anyway, i've seen it listed on ebay as left case cover, stator cover, and waterpump cover.

What is it?!?!

Secondly, where could i get one and a gasket QUICK.

your help is appreciated! I went to since they have pretty good prices, and i just simply could NOT locate the part and part number. Even so, they take about 7 days to get a part to my door.

The cover is the left crankcase cover, or stator/ignition/generator cover. The parts book calls it crankcase cover 1, and the part number is 2S2-15411-01-00. It IS NOT the water pump cover; that's on the right side, with the brake pedal.

The gasket is 2S2-15451-00-00.

In a pinch, I suggest you go to a good auto parts store and buy some Loc-Tite 21425 Epoxy. Remove the paint from the area surrounding the crack and clean it thoroughly with carb or brake cleaner. Mix the epoxy and apply, covering 1/2" around the crack on clean, sanded metal. Let it dry 2 hours and add a second coat. It WILL hold, perhaps permanently.

sorry to dig up an old post but with so many posts like this out there i didn't want to start a new one when i have basically the same problem, which is...

i made a great trade on a 2002 yz426f end of last season and i guess i just found out why today. i was cleaning the bike up and changing all my fluids from last weekends race when i noticed some oil around a spot on the left bottom of the case, right in front of the shifter. on further inspection i noticed that there was indeed some epoxy of some sort there and oil was leaking from behind it. it's not a bad leak and after cleaning it up and pealing the epoxy off you can actually barely see the crack thankfully. it's just a hairline crack and barely leaking at all. anyway i cleaned it up properly(unlike the previous owner) and scored it up and got some jb aluminum weld, mixed it up and put a generous coating on. my question here is how does the jb aluminum weld compare to the loc-tite epoxy grayracer suggested? should i have used the loc-tite stuff or am i good with the jb weld? i'm keeping my fingers crossed here as the season just began and don't need a major set back like a needing a new case :thumbsup:

I dont know about the Loctite stuff never used it, but i have used jb weld on my old rm125, it had a hole the size of a dime in bottom of clutch cover, i took cover off cleaned inside and out, then took a pop can and cut a piece out of it to cover hole, then used jb weld on inside and out to cover patch, took a cuople of coats on outside, but it never leaked, sold it a year latter and it was still ok.

sweet... i didn't exactly split the cases and do all that. like i said it's just a hairline crack. i think that i'm most worried about the jb weld bonding to the case itself and not just hardening up and falling off :\

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