"Updated Parts" from Yamaha for Failed Key

Mike, that's good news. <ul type="square"> All we want is to know that Yamaha is working on a fix, hopefully "under warrantee, 30 days or more"

The WR450 has potential to be the "Bike of the Year". It rides well, and is almost the perfect off-road bike, and thats coming from a former Honda rider. :) But anyone who rides off-road, knows that feeling you get when your 15 miles from the truck with a broken down bike, and the temp is dropping fast, as daylight disappears................ :D


I couldn't have said it any better! Although I have re-torqued the flywheel and have nearly 160 miles logged on the new WR450 I still have that lingering worry of breaking down in the middle of nowhere. My warranty is up in just a few days and I would like to see Yamaha take care of ALL WR's in or out of warranty. I'll feel more confident about the flywheel situation (with my bike) when I have logged 1,000 miles. :)

if yamaha comes up with a fix to this problem they should cover it even if the bike is out of warranty. alot of guys.......like myself have had their bikes for over 30 days, and not even ridden them , due to being winter.

ok ok.....if you guys wanna flame me for not studding up the tires or whatever...have fun.

ski-doo for winter......yamaha for summer. :)

My Dealer says the re-torque is all he's getting from Yam Tech. I told him if it happens again, 30 + miles in the Mountains, I'm going to give it back. Now the proud owner of a brand new tow strap :)

My warranty is up tomorrow. My first race is a week from tomorrow. I have put 2 miles on the bike at the house. Snow the first week I had it then floods for the last 3 weeks. Have retorqued and jetted, hope it works. Put new springs for my fat butt, but have not seen a jump yet. This is going to be fun! :)

Yamaha will fix all the bikes with woodruff key problems. Even if your bike is 6 months old, I think Yamaha will fix it. No questions asked. IMHO.

Not waiting to push, tow or abandon my WR450 somewhere in the CO/UT desert, I had the dealer replace the woodruff key and locktite a new nut to 47 pounds torque. As I watched the technician do these things he retourqued the nut twice, once remarking that the 47 pounds of torque "doesn't seem like it is enough". Iv'e since put 80 hard miles on the bike, but it still has me spooked. I turned down a Moab White Rim ride next week and I'm going to place the bike on the stand and wait out this issue for a couple months. My dealer thinks I'm nuts to believe anything on the internet, but they won't be there to push when I'm broke-down in the middle of nowhere.

So here's the news. I finally picked up my 450 from the dealer Thursday and had it at Dumont Dunes all weekend.

Dealer repaired as per instructions from a Yamaha representative who was there. Dealer states Yamaha feels it is being caused by jetting that is too lean, causing a backfire during e-start that shears the key. They said they rejetted the carb and installed a stronger woodruff key. The part number for the key on my receipt is 90280-03001-00. I'm curious about whether this is in fact a new part number compared to the old key. My receipt also shows they replaced the spark plug, part number CR8E, an NGK plug.

I don't know what they jetted my carb to but now it runs like crap on the low end. It ran great opened up on the dunes but it would not idle and wanted to die whenever I was coming to a stop. Furthermore, I could only start it with the cold choke even after extended periods of wide-open riding. (It was about 50-60 degrees up there, but I wouldn't think that is cold enough to require the cold choke after long riding).

On the other hand, I used the heck out of my e-start, way more than I did before the initial key break, and I've had no problems.

So, now I need to figure out my jetting to get that bad boy running like it was meant to.

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