Tank talk...

I am trying to decide between IMS and Clarke. I saw a Clarke 4.3 at my shop today - - looked good. The Clarke is like the stock tank though where you have to tip the bike over to get all the gas out of it. Is the IMS the same way??? Also, the parts guy said the IMS is a 4.0 Gal. Do us Canucks get a 4.0??? What about the 4.6 gal IMS I heard about...

I have got the IMS 3.2 or 3.4 (depends on what spec you read). My buddy has the Clarke 4.0. Not much difference in the 2 other than the Clarke comes in closer to the radiator and if you have a California bike the smog has to come off for it to fit. I have never had to tip mine to the side to get the gas to the petcock side. I have a range of 90 to 100 miles. I like the IMS.

I have the Clarke 4.3. It's a great tank. Has basically the same ergos as the IMS 3.2 but carries more gas. ThumpDaddy & I both have the smog poop removed anyway. Make bike run mo' bettah. I like the Clarke.

Are you confused now?! :)

Stay away from the IMS 4.6. We call it the "Goblin" Tank! :D

Happy w/ the Clarke 4.3. The red matches well if you want red. My buddy has the same tank in clear - also looks good + you can see the fuel level.

Hubby is happy with the Clarke 4.3 gal. He would have preferred clear because you can see the fuel level, but got red because he could take it home that day!! The red matches great!

I have the clear 4.3 gal tank. My buddy has the 4.6 gal tank on his bikes. The tank looks a little fat around the edges but the extra fuel is worth it on long rides.

Mine's white. I like the look of it and it is very easy to guage how full the tank is. My 2 pesos worth!

I am very concerned about not having to tip the bike to get all of the gas out...I know you have to do this with the Clarke, but what about the 3.4 or 4.6 IMS???

If I recall correctly, I believe the IMS 4.6 has some sort of fuel equalizer. You may want to contact IMS and see if you can get their brochure. That's what I did with Clarke. They are cool to deal with.

thanks to the guys on this board i have a 4.3 clarke natural color. the fit was perfect and it looks bitchen 100 miles + no problem.

i think the IMS 4.6 is bulky lookin.


i just bought the a-loop seat/tank/shroud combo on ebay. i believe the capactiy is 2.1 gallons, but i ride close to my truck so the handling and ergo improvements should be worth the reduction.

Ok I broke down and bought the Clarke 4.3 today, in RED. It looks the best on the bike of the bigger tanks, and it will give me the 200 KM range I need for my weekend 'loop'!

You see that ThumpDaddy? Got another Clarke Guy! Ha! :D

Clarke Rules!!! :D

sssssssssmokin'! :)

Congrats on your tank purchase. Make sure you use lock-tite on the radiator shrouds and take your time inserting the screws. I just X-threaded a screw into the tank this weekend, @#$%$^!. Luckily I only went half way and was able to get it right the second time. Dang brass nuts!!

As for un-used fuel with the Clarke. I find if I'm in the whoops the gas usually sloshes over most of the times to the petcock. On the road I'll have to give her the right-leaning tip to get it all over.

The tank will be here on Wednesday. I can't wait. About sloshing over of the fuel, apparantly the 4.6 IMS is the same. My only regrets might be the slimness, how do you guys find the Clarke feels when riding?? I talked to Baja Designs, they said to get either IMS, maybe because Clarke isn't supported in racing they get ignored...

Rockatt - IMS 3.2 is the tank to get with 100 miles of range. You never fill the Clarke up so you are caring excess weight in plastic - think about it! On the other hand, if I run out then I can mooch some of your gas without carrying the weight. Did you try 409 to get the dirt marks off your white tank?

I agree - - if you only have to go less than 150 or so km than the 3.2 IMS is the way to go. I have had both a 3.9 Clarke tank and a 3.2 IMS tank for my DRZ, and at that time I prefered the 3.2 IMS, because it would allow me to go 200 KM for my loop. The 3.9 Clarke on the DRZ would allow me 230 KM and I didn't need that much range. I hope the Clarke 4.3 on my XR gives me the 200 KM I need. I thought the IMS tank was better made, since it was made of thicker plastic, and was shaped better. I think I would have bought the 3.4 IMS but I really need the range - - it is my favourite loop and there are no fill-ups for about 200 KM...I will let you know how it works out...I really can hardly wait to try it out now...I feel like a kid at XMAS :)

PS I really appreciate all the comments in making my decision. Group hug... :D

T-Diddy, If we are in the outer parimeter and you run out of gas, you WILL pay dearly! :)

Plus, I only have to fill up one time so I can kick back, have a beer and watch you refill yours!

It's like my Grand Pappy used to say..."When in doubt, GO LARGE! :D

I got the tank today...LOOKS AWESOME!!! I am putting factory honda decals on it tonight. One of the guys in the shop came up to me and said "is that a factory Honda tank?" It is obviously made really well. The plastic color is perfect, smooth, shiny and consistent. There are no spotty areas, and there is no chunky bits left around the screw cap like an IMS I owed previously. NICE TANK!!! I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again in helping me make the RIGHT decision the FIRST time!

Welcome to the Clarke Posse Dawg! :)

As for the feel riding it; yeah, it's a little wider but it feels fine. When you're blitzing whoopdeedoos you can grip the tank with your legs/knees just fine, thank you. :D

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