The Adelanto Grand Prix Race So-Cal

The Adelanto Grand Prix will be running on Feb 22 and Feb 23. The race for those in Southern California is one the oldest and largest Grand Prix races on the West Coast. The race is put on by the Desert Vipers M.C.

For anybody looking to race or check out a great western style Grand Prix (part motocross-desert-road) the event is a well run and exciting. Watch some of the best desert riders on the west coast battle for the pro purse. It will pay BITD points. Check out the following links for more information.

Race information and schedule


This was my first race I have ever entered, What a blast, we walked the MX portion of track prior to our start, loamy soil, perfect hookup, jumps not to big, whoops not too deep, berms large enough I should be able to rail.HAHAHAHAHA

The start had over 280 riders in the over 30 Novice class, ALL leaving at once on the start down a 1/4 mile paved road to the first corner where every 280 of your next best friends get close & touchy. the guy in front of me on the strart had KDX 200 who couldnt start so I had a little delay, The 3rd corner 2 guys went down one riders was laying on the ground doing a spoke check, another delay.. The Desert section kicked my ass, braking bumps larger than a German Shepard, I got passed by an XR650 doin over 100mph, the downhill dropoffs had huge craters on the backside & when I finally got to the MX section the course crew flooded the track, every corner had standing water & MUDD, slick booger mudd, I was doing my best Dick Mann impression trying to get around the corners, Oh yeah, the whoops, I only nailed it once, too much arm pump & later there was a rider down & ambulance (Great excuse huh) Oh yes the jumps my hands were so numb & arms so pumped all the ideas I had were out the window or down the crapper, I was so tired I just rolled the tops of the Table tops & jumped the backside,

Yes I suck, I had a great time, glad I did it I got 74 th place out of approx 284 riders, My riding partners got 16 & 7 in our class. I'm damn proud of 74th, I was the oldest guy in the 30-39 class (next week I turn 40)

On a side nothe the lap times of the over 40 still kicked my butt. Next year Elsinore GP & Adelanto :)...

Another successful AGP ! I rode this event for the first time last year, and told myself I would never miss it again because of the 1/2 MX - 1/2 desert and the huge partying crowds.

This year was no dissapointment, the crowds were there, the dirt was moist, and the weather was perfectly sunny with a touch of wind to clear the dusty sections. The track was far less dusty than last year, although much more whooped-out which took its toll on many riders. You could really tell the difference between the guys with steering dampeners and without, as the guys without were swapping end to end and having to back off on many of the fast sections - I love my GPR !

Waxer - I was in the same race as you I think. I started 2nd row of the Sat 1:45 over 30 novice (#034v) and ended up finishing 4th after dicing with a CR450 the entire race. The mudhole jump was as painful as last year toward the end of the race. I landed well on the first 3 laps but by the 4th and 5th lap my spaghetti arms and legs simply gave out on impact. I'm sure it looked funny to the spectators to see us folding over our bikes upon landing, but at least I didn't crash or fall into the mud pit (lake?) for them, although plenty of other guys did :) I will do myself a favor next year and get in shape before this event. Riding one time in three months before AGP will turn your arms to noodles and leave your hands bloody and blistered...just ask me !

This is a great event guys, hope to see some of you out there next year.

Waxer, I had a great time too.

the jumps my hands were so numb & arms so pumped all the ideas I had were out the window or down the crapper, I was so tired I just rolled the tops of the Table tops & jumped the backside,

I know!!! It seems like the whole track had a whoop every 5 feet. I had so much arm pump, I'm finding it hard to type. I can remember trying to find a place on the track smooth enough to grap my Camelbak valve, the street section was the only time I drank water or adjusted my Scotts dampner. Being lapped by Campbell and Davis was cool too, Davis was chasing Campbell but as they passed me on a straight section you could tell Davis needed another gear because his bike was absolutly screamin!!!!!

I got a dismal 8th place out of 13 Ironman Experts. My bike ran great, other than my forks being a little on the soft side I wouldn't have changed a thing...

We really lucked out from all the rainfall we've been getting, it made for a great day with very little dust.

If I were to be disappointed with one thing it would be the pit riding, there were kids (and grown-ups) riding there fast 50's in the pits dragging their feet all around coming close to hitting trucks and RVs. I think some of the dumbest people go to these events thinking it's a great opportunity to party and get out of hand.... :D

Dan :)

In the unclassified i ended up 15th overall! I was also in the over30 novice class and ended up in 2nd place!!!! there was a total of over 92 novices! I have a couple of blisters the size of quarters on the palms of my hands !!! I actually got 6 laps in and raced for 1;04 mintues ! Was a great race/expierience !! It seems that fast moto-crossers can due very well in the desert!!! I race vet nonice with CRC and my times were just as fast as some experts/amutaurs???? Next year i'll race 30 amutaur!! My friend took 3rd in that class- there were only 9 riders in that class!!

I never felt that i needed a stabilizer , but having your bars swap back n forth at over 80+ sometimes with no hands, i now see why!!!

Michael right ? I saw you on row #1 in front of me, if you are who I'm thinking. I remembered your name from last year as well, and now I need to make it my goal to beat you next year :)

I know what you mean about the stabilizer, it was my first Adelanto last year that made me go out and buy the stabilizer the following week. Full swaps at 70+ really can ruin a guys day (and shorts.)

So how did you hold on for the 6th lap ? Man, I barely made it through 5, and the beer and advil wasn't close enough at the end. But maybe if I raced more than once a year the hands would be in better shape, this computer job just doesn't do much for the calais on the hands.

Good job placing 2nd - cya next time.


I didn't race it last year, this was my first Adelanto race. Big difference in track conditions from the 1st race to the 6th race. After the drop off going thru that intersection was rough , started to ride the hi-right side and wheeling over all the accel/bumps!! Did you do the water-hole jump?? I almost cleared the front table in front of the bleachers! Ty Davis was one of few that would clear it! I have DeStefano on the back of my chest protector, and was on row one on the double yellow line in the center of the street!

So it was you, I could of swore I saw you there last year. Oh well, we are over 30 now so the memory is going right :)

Yeah, I jumped the water hole all 5 laps. The first 3 were real clean landings but the last 2 laps I was just too tired and the landing was pretty ugly. I had to hit the face wide open in fourth to launch far enough to clear the uphill out of the hole, otherwise the landing just plain hurt ! It is a really cool view flying over a small lake 15 feet in the air, and my bro taped the same race with his helmet cam so we have some great footage.

The square edged straight after the drop off was brutal, and that is the exact section that convinced me to go buy a GPR stabilizer. Now the bike goes straight, if only I could hold on to it for a full hour !

Dan, i thought you were #02 ironman ama. What # were you running???? I was watching the wrong rider :)

I was runnin #090. My BITD number is #02 Ironman Ex. Dude, I got beat by some guy with a blowup doll on the back of his bike..... (don't tell anyone):) Those fast MX'ers really come out ot the woodwork for this race. I had my hands full and holding on was my only goal. I had a lot of fun..... Next year I won't drink beers the night before... :D


LMAO!!!! That dude with the blow up doll is my friend Quinn! I must say that my gaffers tape held-up pretty good for top speeds above 80mph!! We had to dress her because her tits/nipples were to big!

I got a picture of him going off the waterhole jump with her holding on by one hand!!! :)

I missed that race, you gotta post that picture somewhere for us to view !

BigDesto, My buddy was leading the over 30 Novice class up until the 3rd lap when a laped rider swapped sides in the whoops & locked his front wheel on my friends DR400, Mike flipped his bike & his ribs broke his fall on the top of the whoop. Mike eventually finished 7th, still a great ride.

By changing classes next year I could finish in the 50's probably much better if I didn't have to wait for down riders to right on the 1st lap. It's supposed to be fun race so there's no way I was going to injure another rider just to place higher, I saw too many riders used for berms & traction....

Looking forward to next year,

God I love my Scotts dampener....

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