18" paddle vs 19" paddle

I have an 03 WR 450. Done all the free mods years ago. I got into dune riding lately. I found a good deal on a 19" rim, so I got it and put on a 8 paddle tire (instead of the 18" stock). Should it make a big difference, either postive or negative, in sustainable power when climbing big dunes by having a 19" wheel?

My bike seems to lose power heading up big dunes quicker than my buddies who ride a YZ 450, KTM 525, KTM 450, and Honda 450. I guess that doesn't surprise me a lot.

But, I borrowed a 18" rim and paddle the first time I went to the dunes, and it seems like I had more sustained power going up big dunes. Who knows--it could be just me.

Would the 19" rim vs 18" rim make a noticeable difference?

I've ridden both back to back up the dunes and didn't notice the difference. Its in the bush you notice the difference with the lower side walls on the 19"

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