It's Alive!

Well after 3 of the longest months, My WR is finally put back together. Thanks to Yamaha73, I got a radiator for a great price. The only problem with having my bike down for 3 months was that it caused me to spend so much money on even more add ons. I got Factory Effex tall seat foam and a gripper cover that acomplishes about the same thing as a Clarke tank and YZ seat. My bike practically looks brand new. We'll see how long that lasts :).

For those of you who were asking how my jetting works, now that I've had a chance to test the set up, it is awesome. There isn't any bog. I tested it a 8,000 ft and it was about 40 degrees F, so changes will be likely during summer months. I'll test the EKP needle soon also.

What kind of exhaust system are you using? Getting as much info as I can for what works up high.


I am running the stock exhaust uncorked, airbox lid removed, grey wire unpluged and GB/BK mod around .5 sec.

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