Coil Question

I got a bike that I'm kicking it, it doesnt even act like it wants to start. Pull the plug and its covered in gas. But, if I put a shot of carb cleaner in the spark plug hole it starts second kick everytime and stays running. Is that a sign of a weak coil? Anybody got any idea what the problem may be?

Carburetor problem, or you are not using a correct starting technique.

carb problem, in what regard? I've got it totally clean, idle, air/fuel set per the book as well as more/less. Its getting fuel per the wet plug. It seems like it needs something more combustable (carb cleaner) Am I way off track with a weak coil theroy? ThanX

If you can get it running by adding fuel (carb spray), then it should be telling you it wants more fuel. In a cold engine, a mixture that is too lean to ignite will still wet the plug. If it's a used plug, it will foul even more easily.

In colder weather, you will need more than the usual amount of raw fuel in the chamber to light it off, which means in addition to the choke, you'll probably have to prime it by twisting the throttle a time or two to actuate the accelerator pump. Also, a good healthy spark plug becomes even more important in cold weather to avoid fouling.

Another possibility is that if it has sat for some time, the gas in the tank mat simply not be any good any more. If it's a month or more old, try some fresh stuff.

if you were able to use carb cleaner to get it started, then it isn't your coil. it is a problem with your fueling.

Ok I'll go with the more fuel theroy, I completely cleaned tank and carb and ran fresh fuel and new plug. Bringing it home tomorrow where I have means and can be more detailed in the diagnostics, but dont wanna spend to much time since i'll sell it for $200-$400! Ill keep it posted, ThanX

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