Radiator fan for YZ426


I have a '01 426 that I use mainly for enduro/trail riding (no MX) and I'm thinking of putting a fan on the radiators. I have an aftermarket stator (don't remember the brand) that already powers the headlight, so a nice thermostat controlled fan should be no problem. Did somebody do something like this before? Do you know of complete kits? (Will post also on WR thread)


Thats a new one. I'd be interested in how it comes out.

ive heard of people running a fan off the stator before but they had a on/off switch. idk if anyone has tried to run it off a thermostat yet

What I've found out until now :

KTM has a nice kit, around 100$, just have to adapt the brackets of the fan to Yamaha (Should be no problem)

Spal USA makes nice fans with harness, relays and thermostats, same thing here, need to create brackets.

Actually it doesn't matter if you're using a switch or thermostat, it will do it's job. With thermostat you don't have to worry about switching it on/off.

For me, problem with both, they are in USA, so transport costs me a lot, but next month maybe, I'll also try to find some on ebay.

Saw couple of fans from YFZ450s? Could these fit on the right hand side radiator?

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