pmb insert for wr in 02 yz exhaust

With two choices on a silencer tip for my stock yz exhaust, I looked at this extra insert for my wr and made it fit with a little grinding and pounding. The result is good! After hearing mixed reviews on the db dawg and the pmb insert for the yz exhaust costing over 100 bucks this was a good alternative. It seems to run fine and I probably won't have to rejet. It is a dramatic decrease in sound. I can't figure out how to post a pic but its self explanatory. The wr insert is just a little bigger diameter and also too long. I did some grinding all the way around and also cut the length of the wr insert tip in half. I hope this helps someone looking for a low cost sound solution.

Hmm... Do you think something like that would work for a power core 4 exhaust? I really need to quiet that down a lot.

the pmb insert is 4.5cm diameter and you can't grind it too much around 2mm, I looked at a pic of the power core 4 and it looks iffy to me, whats the diameter of the opening? might be able to stuff it in there somehow, I heated up the exhaust with a torch and the insert was cold, greased and slammed it in there, its not coming out. I would also be tempted to make my own, for that exhaust, I'm not sure about power loss, doesn't seem to be much but probably is some. maybe it just seems more exciting with all that noise.

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