removing overflow tank on wr426

i wanna reduce a bit of fat from my speedy yet porky pig. anybody removed the overflow tank? any drawbacks? how do you accomplish it, is it just a matter of looping the two tubes back to each other?

you can take it throw it in trash, well and EPA approved trash bin of course. Go buy a piece of tubing if you cannot make the any of the stock pieces fit and run it from where it exits the right radiator near the fill cap down behing the frame's front downtube and vent it to atmosphere. I too planned to do this when I bought my WR400 since I had a YZ426 with a similar factory setup. I have decided for now to think about it a bit more as I plan to ride my WR at slower speeds in tighter stuff which is where these bikes are prone to running hot. Of course when that happens on the YZ, you must replace the coolant that puked out before the next ride, where as on the WR it is all a contained system and will require no replacement. I do not think that the 2 pounds you might save will be worth the extra hassle. Of course if you ride mx with your wr or desert where the speeds are kept up and the airflow over the radiators is good, then go for it. Good luck.

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