Got my new WR finally!!! Oh Yeah!!

Got my new bike yesterday, unforunately I won't be able to ride it for a couple weeks(Going to the Badlands in IN). My dealer checked the flywheel torque,his personal bike, a YZ450 , had a problem with a sheared woodruff key. He said that there have been 6 incidents of this problem in WI so far. Yamaha sent him a bulletin, to check all bikes between certain ID numbers, mine was out of that range, but he checked it anyway, Thought some of you might want to know. :)

glad to see yamaha is finally owning up to the fact that there's a problem. so far it sounds like they are willing to help. we just have to find out what the bad bunches numbers are.

Can you find out from your dealer what range of ID numbers were affected? Thanks.

Dave, I will call him Monday,He is, however checking every bike regardless of the ID number. I will get the list from him.

Sounds like a good dealer!

If he knows, get the engine number also. thanks!

I wish I got mine from your Dealer.My Dealer sucks and refused to check Flywheel torque based on what info I was getting from the internet.I was there to get wrench for Ring nut on shaft,which they said they had on the phone but when I got ther they handed me a spanner wrench for the rear shock :).While there, I spoke to my salesmen and asked if someone could at least call Yamaha and ask them about it and was told "until we see a problem,nobody is going to call".Well being the first one and only one in my area to get the WR it might be a while because since I picked mine up its been snowing every other day :D :D :D :D :D :D.

I haven't forgotten about calling the owner of the Yamaha dealer up, but he is out till Saturday, I will get ahold of him then, and let you all know what's up!! :)

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