Relay Arm linkage bearing No?

G'day T'Talkers,

Over the weekend I serviced the suspension on my 99WRF. All bearings are fine except for the two needle bearings within the relay arm. One of which is siezed and the other is knackered.

The yamaha part number for the bearing is: 93315-32056-00.

Q. Is this OEM code related to the bearing number required for reordering from a bearing supply?


Does anyone know the bearing number so that I may re-order through a bearing supply. The OEM bearing prices are steeep :) .

I realise that PIVOT WORKS sell a kit but they must source theirs from a major supplier.

Numbers would be great, cheers guys.


There should be some type of marking on the bearing.

Or you could take the unit to a bearing supply shop.

I doubt the Yamaha PN corresponds to any PNs the bearing mfg.s use.

Thanks Hick. I should have grabbed the bearing number when the linkage was apart. Oh well, more practise at disassmbling my bike..... :D

I was thinking that the moderators could possibly setup a section for parts info on the WRF's. ie: Description/part no. and associated aftermarket supply code. Kind of like the parts fische but a bearing fische for our bikes. :) Thoughts?

I am sure there is more than a few members who have thought to themselves "Now what is that rear wheel bearing number?"


The bearing size is 20 id x 27 od x 30 long

I managed to get a pattern bearing, but there was only half as many rollers in it as the oem part, but it works OK.

For info, the swingarm bearing is 22 x 28 x 16 and is readily available using reference HK2216


Kevin -

Thanks for those details. Hopefully I'll be able to find a supplier for the linkage bearings or else it is OEM/Pivot Works for me :) .



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