WR450 gearing question

Hi Guys!

Since the fence has fallen down I thought I would walk over and say Hi!

Sorry to hear about the flywheel problem but at least you know about it and it is a cheap fix!!!

I was wondering how those of you that had them felt about the gearing? When I read they were going to the 4 gear tranny I raised a eyebrow! I wish my DRZ had 6 gears for the type of trail ridding I do.

I suppose it will be better ounce you get a few miles on the bikes and sort out the jetting for the way you ride.

Yamaha has always been on the leading edge for bike technology I am sure you will love them.



It's the YZ450F that has the 4 gear. The WR's are still 5 speeds.


Thanks for putting me straight on that. :) Looking forward to reading more about the great bikes you have.

I am old school and started ridding back in the late 60's.

I hear you guys complain about weight and suspension and always get a smile. My first ride was a TS-250 2 smoke Zuk. It was a real pretty with chrome fenders, steel tank, oil injection. Weighed 350 pounds, 4 inches of travel and about 23 HP. Paid $750 for it.

The bikes we have now are so darned nice I feel spoiled.



when i was 14....i had a 1974 ts 250. and to tell you the truth, i had just as much fun riding then , as i do now. :)

The most fun I had was on a 72 SL350. :) Best I remember, it weighed 350 lbs., and cost about $700. Could ride wheelies on that thing till I got tired. :D :D :D

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