Mullet ,How many

The DRZ guys think we all sport mullets and rag us about it all the time. How many of you guys actually were one?

They don't call me the "Mullet Master" for nothing...

whats a mullet????

Ever seen Joe Dirt? His haircut.

DRZ's $uck. Maybe they are upset they bought the wrong bike.

we don't have mullets intentionally. are bikes are just so much faster than theres that all the hair on the top of our heads gets pulled back. :) oh wait was that a flame?? oh well i love my BLUE bike !!


I proudly sport what I call a "reverse Mohawk"... :D courtesy of "Genetics Will Not Be Denied" hairstyling salon. :)

My oldest boy wants a regular Mohawk. When I offer him one like mine instead, he very politely declines for some reason...? :D

I had a mullet when i was 18, now im 30 i shave my head with the clippers, maybe i thought about buying a drz once??

I actually thought it was the harley riders with mullets!Go figure. :)

I dont have a mullet,but my buddy who has a KTM does.



Mullet.............DUDE :D:):D :D

Never did a mullet but I may be able to come up with a pair of parachute pants.......... :)

On another thread somebody retorted to the mullet comment by calling the DRZ owners the "comb-over crowd."

I thought that was hilarious.

The best mullet I've seen recently is that Jack-In-the-Box commercial about their Philly Cheese Steak sandwich where Jack sends some intern to "learn everything about Philly." He comes back in six months with the parachute pants and a huge mullet, "YO! Jackie-BABY! I soaked up Philly like a sponge!" :)

Business up front party in the back!

Hick .That was me..

For all the info you will ever need on the mullet :D:

Nascar is on today so you can see plenty :)

This one is the best.

Click here

C'mon guys, not all us guys who ride DRZ's think of you as mullet heads! I had a mullet for a while, but that was before I had a dirt bike.

I like the comb-over remark, that might be my next hairstyle.

no thats a skulett no hair on top long from the ears down.

Classic Mullet Family LMAO - he is even wearing a stretch denim jacket I think... LOL Poor kid though, should be taken by the child protetion agencies and raised with a 'normal' family...


Hey Mo. The funny thing is they look so familar,like I knew

them in high school . Scary. I love that cow piture. I still have it as my back ground.

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