Part number question

I am looking at replacing the seals, bearing, and impeller shaft on my 05 yz 450, I've looked at the owners manual and parts diagrams on yamaha of troy as well, and I cant seem to find the part number for the right case half that I need to take off to change everything properly. If anyone could tell me it that would be great. Thanks in advance.

It's on the crankcase cover page, item 12. The gasket is PN 5TA-15462-00-00

thanks, I couldnt tell if that was the gasket or not, the cover there looked different.

Also, when I do go to remove that cover, after I drain the fluid, is there and surprises I need to look out for?

There are two dowel pins that may drop out, and an O-ring above the balancer shaft. Otherwise, no problem as long as you hold the kick starter into the crankcase as you pull the cover. :lol:

Thanks guys

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