do VIN #'s really mean anything?

i was just looking through the posts about who has and who hasn't had woodruff key problems. people that have problems were over #1000. people who didn't have problems were under #1000 with a few exceptions over #1000. i think it's all just a shot in the dark . anyone else agree?

Makes me wonder too.

I think that we are also a small part of all wr450s.Who knows about all the others sold.The numbers could also be fudged because some heard of the problem before they got their bike and retorqued and rejetted before riding the bike.

Gotta love TT. :)

Production line #'s don't show the whole story. During production, parts are put in at different times, and the bike S/N is put on the frame. Is this frame # put on at time of final production or when the frame is built? The # may just tell you when the frame was built and shipped for first lot? for example, Were there a 1000 frames built and then when they put them together, they may have started with the first motor and frame # 1000? I think we should be looking at Motor #'s. That is where the problem is, not final production Number. Again, even with the engine #, the final production # could be different than when the problem was noticed, but this is still a better # to go with! It narrows the problem down. :)


The service manager at my dealership thinks it is being caused by a combination of lean jetting causing the backfire while the e-start is engaged. Normaly the crank would reverse rotate enough to not break the key. This could also cause a weakend key that breaks down the road even after the jetting is changed. This could also be associated with low torque on some flywheels improperly torqued. Which he says he finds hard to believe. He also thinks Yamaha will not admit to a jetting problem as then they could have EPA trouble's as they would not have passed etc. This could be an intermitant problem by one employee with an improperly set air wrench? So many variables. I do think enginge numbers may be a better indicator. I am thinking while this is a small problem it may be getting blown out of proportion. Still it looks like more positive expeariences with this bike than neg. It is better than the 2000 YZ's clutch problems. ---Mike

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