mc on ktm

Just got an email from david bailey saying mc inked a four year deal with ktm.lets get some of your opinions :)

Anyone remember the year MC switched to the yellow bikes. He had issues. Im sure he could have won that year on the RM250 had he had more time to get the bike setup to his liking but he didnt. The guy is already up against a major challenge (RC). switching to a new bike seems like a questionable move to me. However, it might be a good move for him $$'s wise or some other incentive asside from winning the supercross title.

I hope he dose well this year. would be cool to see a non-jap bike up front with MC on it! heck, maybe he will be dicing it up with cooper!

In 97 Mac would of won if he hadn't of lost major points in the season opening race when he was taken out by his former teammate Lamson.

Maybe in 03 will see both of them racing Euro bikes in 250SX.

I've always liked Jeremy as a rider and as an ambassador to the sport. In the past I felt he could have won races on any brand. The level of competition has risen in the 250's to where its not just the rider anymore. Now its rider and the machine.

I'll give my call now. Top ten finishes mostly. Probably 7 or 8 top fives and a couple of podiums. I don't think he'll win a race in his first season on the KTM. In the end he'll come in top 5 in points due to consistency.

Just my .02

It depends on how much KTM will do to run his team. Even MC can't beat RC if he has to run his own team in addition to preparing for and riding the events. The bikes have proven they are competitive. All MC needs is other people to handle the millions of details that take his mind off riding his best.

If KTM deals with everything else, we should have a real shootout by about the third round or so. If that is the case, the fans and the sport are the winners.


I wonder if any of Jer's opinions on the K-Toomer will end up on their production bikes in the future...??? :)

NH Kevin, I doubt it because that is down to our man Jamie Dobb!

racer x said MC was doing 2 second quicker lap times on the KTM. he rode back to back on his yamaha and the KTM. the new bike is totaly different then any other katoom.



Do you have David Bailey's website? Google could not find it, although I do have it bookmarked at work >> won't be there until Monday.

from "]


Well, Nobody is Denying it!

Jeremy McGrath may be riding orange in 2003. KTM Orange that is. Look for an announcement very soon about McGrath's 2003 plans.

By B.J. Smith

If the worst kept secret in motocross history was Ricky Carmichael's switch to Honda, then Jeremy McGrath riding a KTM in 2003 is the second worst kept secret. McGrath was spotted last week turning laps on a 2003 KTM 250SX at a Calif. Supercross track and the rumor is that he signed an agreement for four years (two to race and two to develop) at a local Starbucks. Calls to all parties are "no comment" returns but no one is denying the rumor. But get this:

McGrath's publicist said an announcement about Jeremy's relationship with Yamaha will be released later this week. She also said that we can expect an announcement about McGrath's 2003 plans on August 12th. It just so happens that August 12th is the same day as the KTM 2003 dealer convention. Hmmmm... You do the math and we'll keep you posted.

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