How Long Will It Take YAMAHA???

Some of you will remember the pool we had going about the "actual wet weight" of the WR450.

Lets start a new pool.

(1).When will Yamaha have the fix for the woodruff key?

(2).If it involves parts, when will the parts be available? Actually in dealer stock.

#1 I'll say April 1st

#2 I'll say May 15th

How about a pool on one of our own very clever members beating them to the cure?

My guess: April 1st

it better be before the snows gone........i wanna ride this thing....not worry about pushing back to the truck. :D:):D :D :D :D :D

the rites of spring trail tour for the ccc is may 2nd and 3rd. if this bike takes a dump in front of my buddies.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Whiskey Creek here we come!!! :)

just picked her up from the dealer after having the tsb work done. looks like were good to go. (i hope).

if you see a RED 2002 chevy e-cab HD, with a 6x12 red haulmark trailer.. with windows... thats me. :)

My dealer in Utah got the service bulletin this week, its M2003-007 issued 3-26-03, he says it calls for the dealer to lap the flywheel to the shaft with lapping compound, clean it off and do it again for several times, the leave the surface rough then lock tight it on. I dropping my bike off the first of the week. I told him I would leave my bike there but he had to promise to keep it away from the honda's, I didn't want any of that Honda stuff getting on my 450 then it would start being unreliable and start slowing down and could possibly contract that dreaded hondaheadshake disease, he just laughed and said he would be careful.

mine says the parts will be in 8 april we will see...

How about "When Yamaha will notify Wr owners of the problem"? :)

I just read something that makes this problem not just related to the WR450 and not something new. This is a quote from a tech article on about rebuilding 2 stroke bottom ends.

"When the flywheel comes off, inspect the center-hub rivets and look for tiny cracks in the hub around the rivets. Replace the flywheel if there are any cracks. Big-bore bikes may have problems with shearing flywheel Woodruff keys, especially on the KX500 and YZ490. The problem is that the flywheel is not matched to the crank at the taper, but that can be corrected, using the following procedure. Remove the Woodruff key and apply grinding paste to the crank's taper. Hands press the flywheel onto the crank and turn it back and forth for five minutes. This will hone down the high spots on the surfaces of each part so the flywheel won't ever loosen up and shear the Woodruff key. After matching, clean the parts thoroughly with contact cleaner."

For those who need to do this, here is a source for the grinding paste. :)

Lapping Compound

I've done this procedure on many bikes, especially old Euro bikes. Normally, just lapping the flywheel and torque to spec is enough. What bothers me, is, that they lock-tite the rotor to the shaft. Normally this would not be neccessary. :)

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