WR Moderator Job Announcement

This has strayed pretty far off topic.

I nominate Beezer.

I nominate Beezer.

I nominate Beezer. His warm and fuzzy personality will be a good fit!


So when can you start?

I vote for chickenhauler

I vote for chickenhauler

He's already a global. That makes him a moderator for all the forums.

Well, gosh darn it, he needs to get off his arse, git down here and do some moderatin', by gum!

Thanks Clark for all you have done. Dont know you much other than your posts but.....thanks. Jason




Beezer likes his 250's. He probably couldn't tow the line anyway. He's a bit old too!:p

Beezer ...(is) a bit old too!:p
If you can be more careful, you could live to be his age. :lol:
If you can be more careful, you could live to be his age. :cry:



And the winner is??

Clark you did an outstanding job. The next person inline has huge boots to fill out.

As for nominee? Heck so far all the ones nominated are all excellent. They all contribute to TT in their own way. But I just cannot believe that William1 has so many posts, too unreal.

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