06 yz450 forks on a 02 yz426, am I ok?

I was hoping someone knew if I had all I needed to make these forks work.

I have a DH1 triple clamp for an 06 yz, Im getting 06 yz450 forks with the axle and brake bracket. On the 426 is an Imig tripple clamp that I was hoping to pres the steering stem out of and into the DH1, mount up the forks etc., throw in 02 426 wheel/brake caliper and go ride. Is it going to be this easy or am I missing something? Thanks:ride:

Not 100% certain, but it may be that simple. In fact, check the length of the steering stem. You may find you don't need the press work.

your 06 wheel and brake should fit the 02 fork, i've inter changed wheels from 01 426, 04 450 and 06 450 with no problems


'07 yz450 forks and clamps on a '01 426....

just swap the stem. all bolts up really easily. You will also need the newer number plate since the mounting bolt is vertical on the newer 03 clamps

But put a set of 05 forks on an 03 yz450f. Great swap! all worked out great.

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