For you lucky guys that have actually ridden your 450's....is it easy to do wheelies on this bike ?

my XR was a slug, when it came to getting the front end up

I like to do wheelies but I'm not good at them. I am positive the 450's will do wheelies in many gears. All I have to to is roll the throttle and the front comes up like right now. Jim

Your XR600 won't lift the wheel? My buddie is the wheelie master on his 600- they have relatively short wheelbase & BIG TORQUE. I suck at wheelies myself(balance type) but on my 450 I can lift in 2nd gear and carry at least thru 4th. Its the "balance point" that you and I have to get comfortable with. Both bikes have ample power

it would lift the front wheel, but not being a wheelie master myself, it wasnt that easy.

a TORQUE MONSTER ? lol. yea ok. :)

My wr450 with the cork in the pipe wheelies way easier than my wr250 open pipe. :D I can only imagine it with the cork out!! :)

There is too much snow at my riding area so the only place to ride is on the street. So i leave the cork in and try not to piss off the neibours :D :D :D

When I had my XR600 I would put it in third and pop the clutch to get it up. Third gear was a nice long gear and it gave me time to shift into fourth.

Based on my WR400 and 250 the Yamaha has a huge advatage over the old XRs. The balance point feels lower so you don't have to have the front wheel pointing straight up.

Also the rear brake is easier to modulate with the Yamaha. Only problem I have is when you bring it back down at 90 mph, you better have it straight, or be prepared for a scary tank-slapper.LOL. :)

xr600r, We are talking about the same bike are'nt we- a honda xr600 of fairly recent vintage and in decent running order? I've ridden both the wr450 & xr600. The wr is more responsive & revs to the moon, but torquier than a xr600? I don't know- other peoples thoughts?

i honestly cant compare the two bikes because i havent really ridden the wr yet. just in the dealers parking lot .

my xr was a 96' and always in a good state of tune.

just from the short ride in the parking lot, the wr seems to rev a whole lot quicker than the xr. the reason i havent ridden the wr yet is because its 5 degrees here, and theres about 2 feet of snow in the woods where i ride. :)

I to suck at wheelies but am interested in learning how.It looks like fun but am afraid to try beyond opening up the throttle and allowing the front end to come up slow.I guess I dont want to fall off the back and watching my very expensive machine go crashing 50' ahead of me.I'm more comfortable flying. :) Any one have tips? While in a wheel stand and need to shift,do you use clutch or power shift? :D

HI Fourstroke: I have been riding them thru the gears for years - I learned back in the 60's on a honda minitrail believe it or not! It (wheelyin) is not about horsepower it is about balance! I won a bet from the neighbor this last year by riding a Yamaha moped 1/2 mile down our gravel road on the back wheel - they have NO clutch, a 50cc motor and tiny wheels (very tricky balance point). Again, it is BALANCE!

Here is some advice. Get a small beater bike to practice on (your thoughts about not wanting to see your bike get wrecked are very well grounded). Start out in 1st gear, leaving feet DOWN (we used to call this cat walking) draggin beside the bike. Wheely this way until you are COMFORTABLE with finding the BALANCE POINT. If the bikefeels like it is goig over LET IT GO - thats why your using a beater!

Once you have the cat walk down (you should be able to 'cat walk" in circles before you start) start trying with your feet on the pegs!

After you get your balance point figured out thru FIRST GEAR try higher gears WITHOUT shifting to them on the back wheel (learn to bounce your bike up in the higher gears - if you do this, you will be able to wheelie ANYTHING - I have done it with GOLD WINGS!).

You will find that SPEED is really your friend on the back wheel. The gyro action of the spinning front wheel makes it surpisingly easy to ride HIGH speed wheelies.

Now to that shifting thought. I suggest that you learn this from first to second cause your gonna fall ALOT! DONT use the clutch, instead use your balance point to let the engine relax. When you are toward the end of the powerband of the motor allow the motor to relax and the front end to dip slightly, while the front is dipping shift into the next gear. When you do there will be a slight lift and this is where you apply fuel to brign it the rest of the way back into balance.

This all takes time but ALL of this is VERY functional for everyday riding! I use these skills EVERYTIME I take my dirtbike out and sometimes on my streetbike! You will be SHOCKED at how much easier obstacles will be to handle ON THE BACK WHEEL!!!!

Oh, by the way, remember that you can ALWAYS save an out-of-hand wheelie! Thats right, you really can - just touch the rear brake!

Hope this helps


foursmoke, practice on slight uphill. I lift front end in mid part of power band and before power runs out in that gear, with wheel good and high, roll off gas,shift(no clutch), roll on gas in smooth quick motion. Keep foot ready on break if things get too vertical. Mid powerband is important while practicing/learning as high rpm shifts can be exciting especially in lower gears. Riding the rear wheel is a skill/art harder to learn than "flying" probably and I've slid on my back a few times. All the really good riders I've seen know the balance points of thier bikes so I keep working on it

I just picked up my WR from the dealer. It went back it to check the flywheel and they jetted it and changed the throttle stop plus removed the intake baffle for free! I got it home and ripped it up and down the road. I can ride a pretty good wheelie. This thing is VERY easy to ride a wheelie with. It is so smooth and controlable. If you guys want to learn wheelie's the YZ/WR fourstroke series is the one to do it with! My longest wheelie is about 1/2 mile. Stand up or set down wheelies are both a ton of fun on these bike and just as easy. After the jetting change it is a new machine. XR, wanna go riding tomorrow? Just bring your snowmobile coat gloves and helmet! :) It is a bit nippley! ---Mike

did full throttle get a service bulletin about the flywheel ? the last time i was at toms, they didnt have a clue. one the mech. at toms called me today about going riding. you guys are nuts !!!!!! :)

mike , what are your new jetting specs ? and are you getting that off idle bog ppl. have been talking about ?

and did you un-do the grey wire ? and and ......i'll think of something. lol. :)

They have recieved no TSB's and say it is internet BS. He does not deny that it may be happening, just that it is not as big of deal or as widespread as it seem's. 48 pilot, 160 main. They set the fuel screw and checked with an exaust gas sensor at 65 deg and it is right on. It seems to have no bog. It ran very well yesterday considering it was 17 deg out! I plan on riding it a little today. Just up and down the road. It is just to cold to judge it real well. They say it might get up to 23 today!!! :) or I mean :D It will not be long! Think BIIIIIIIG wheeeelies!!!!---Mike

Ovid. Hmmmm. Thats Mississippi right? Cuz there's no place in Michigan to ride without studded tires. Unless your crazy...LOL :D:):D

HEHE! Yep, in Michigan! We do not have as much snow down here right now. The fields are blown clear and it is all in the woods. I am putting on the sled head gear and rippin' her down the road and around the fields. No studs, I am fueled by the desire to ride! Well, maybe it is to cold. Uhhh? Well maybe one hot lap! ---Mike

Im not good at that but you cad do them even in 4 gear Its a jet. Took the cork out and placed a thunder alley suystem, it roars an flyes

Yes, Yes, and did I say yes? I can get this bike in the sweet spot and keep it longer then anything else I've ridden on two wheels. I would say a 4 stroke quad is the easiest due to having training wheels and if you have a six pack rack you can't F*** up.

Put the 450 cam in the 426 and whellie& torque monster

almost looped out in 5th gear yesterday, it never stops pulling

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