license plate mounting

I would like to mount my license plate to the underside of the rear fender at the forward end of the fender just above the forward mounting bolts. So it ends up in the wheel well with the tire. Just wondering if any of you had tried it and if the cops gave anyone a hard time as it is not very visible. I am using a yz fender which helps a little as the rear lip of the fender doesn't hang down as much, but let me know if the cops are satisfied with that arrangement. Thanks in advance, Mark

I don't think your local authority figures would appreciate that much... :)

And don't forget that the plate has to be lighted!

You might be able to get away with it, but I'd ask a cop first. :D

It's not legal that way so your taking a chance that the cops may stop you.

it will get paint and registration stickers roosted off after about 10 minute in dirt.but you wont have to worry about that if a cop sees you first.license plate must be lighted and mounted in plain i have a question for you.why would you want to do something so stupid? its pratically begging cops to pull you over.i learned the hard way first day i got license plate for my wr that you dont want to give cops reason to stop you.20 minutes after i mounting plate on my bike i receive my first only moving violation on motorcycle.i was cited for violation of max speed[20mph over limit 55 in a 30mph]wreckless driving[i was riding wheelie as i passed cop with radar gun] non- moving violations[otherwise known as fix it tickets]modified exhaust,no turnsignals and no brakelight.ticket ended up costing me a $543 fine + i had to build a 120' fence around my friends backyard.[since my friend was the cop that signed off the non-moving violations on ticket as being fixed.i owed him].oh yah,i almost forgot my insurance has gone up $75 a year due to the 3 points added to driving record.its was definity a exspensive lesson to learn,but i havent been pulled over since.

Bad idea, my friend has his that way and I think he's crazy. You don't really want a cop to stop you and take a close look at your barely leagal bike do you? I think your're just asking for trouble. Scotts has a pretty nice one that bolts on really easy for about 20 bucks.

That's the route that I'de go if I were you..

Dan :)

Thanks for the input. You guys are right about giving them the reason to look closer. The only post I take exception with is freestyle111. Regarding "stupid" read your own post.

Here's how I mounted my license plate:


It's made from 1/8" aluminum plate, 3" wide and about 10" long. As you can see, it's bent to about a 135° angle and it mounts on the bike using the stock taillight mounting bolts. It has held up very well.

So thats how you guys get your bikes to wheelie - you add ballast to the rear fender :)

The Wr's come with a factory plastic fitting here in Australia... So I just used that, and it had never ripped off or got caught on anything...



When (if) it does break, I will look for a light, strong alloy unit, but until id does, I am happy with something that cost me nothing and is purpose designed for the job and made from lightweight plastic...




this is what you want


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I gave fordy2dr the pics of my CFC license plate Mt. It bolts onto the underside of the stock WR light. Really Cool! Really Light! And so far I have the only one......I'll try to get him to post some pic's.

wrsm, there is a guy in Pacific beach san diego with a street legal cr500 who has it like that. man he is asking for trouble

heres pic of my homemade rack[just finished it a couple days ago] and license plate mounting on my bikerack3.jpg

I've seen a nice licence plate mount on a KTM, one of the best I've seen!

Not sure where to get them though.

The lic plate was bolted to the end of the rear fender, I think the fender came a little lower at the end than the standard WR/YZ rear fender, but so far as to get in the way.

Anyone else seen these?

Nice work freestyle111 love the plate mount!

Where did you get those indicators, nice looking setup. Would love a setup like that, can you send me some info please!

Thanks Paul.

i just got turnsignals they are even wired up yet.they just came out recently the made by motrax there called micro arrows here are a few better picsturnsignals.JPGi bought them at cycle gear.they come in carbonfiber or black with amber lens or clear lens

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Thanks for a lot of great ideas. What I was talking about at first was what wrsm did. If you see this - have you driven it alot of miles that way? I see you are set up for street by looking at your rear tire. Have you had any hassles from the boys in blue? (I just noticed where you are from - guess I should have said Bobbies)!!!!!

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Its not my bike....its from my archives of WR photos (sad, I know..) It is owned by a chap called Sean Campbell in Australia.

I was tempted to do the same with mine, but the UK plates have 7 letters so it is impossible.

And the police in UK are getting really heavy on plates cos they earn lots of revenue from speed cameras!!

Try this out.

click here

It is meant for a ktm but with a little trimming it bolted right up to my yz400. I mounted my plate to the extended piece below the lens. The plate was wider than the plastic extension so I just centered it and bent the sides around it and ran some bolts thru the sides. It works great and because it soesn't stick out on the sides it wont get cought on stuff and get ripped off.

To trim the plastic just score were you want to trim it. Heat it with a propane torch and cut with a carpet knife. Sand the edges smooth and bolt it on.

Sorry that link diddn't work. Go to rockymountain

go to there catalouge under lighting. They have a ufo underfender tailight. Click on the ktm tailight and you shoud get a picture.

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