license plate mounting

I saw the ufo light for the ktm on baja designs website. UFO also makes one for the wr. Does it happen that the ktm model works best on the wr too?

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aznwr426,the fender and license plate mount on my bike is made by ufo.dennis kirk has it part#61-4662[ufo enduro rearfender w\light reflex blue $43.99]the one for ktm wont fit its way to wide.i tried it.

Thanks freestyle. I appreciate your pics and info. From what I've seen it seems the ufo light you sugggest goes about the best with the yz fender. Mark (BTW - it appears baja designs website has the most comprehensive list of what is available in this category).

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it comes already mounted on yz fender.the problem with wr fender is its not DOT legal since taillight lens doesnt have clear part on bottom to illuminate license plate.

That KTM ufo underfender model will fit the yz fender. All you have to do is trim the sides off. Its not that hard to do.

They have a universal model also but that one looked nasty. I liked the ktm model because it was fairly small and neat.

I doubt it would work on the wr fender but you said that you are using a yz fender so you should have no problem.

i tried to put ktm taillight on my yz fender,it would of taken a whole lot of was about 1 1\2" to wide.if you trim down sides to make it fit it will be awful weak.the sides are what give fender the strenght to carry extrs weight of taillight assembly.why go thru all that work when you can get a fender w/light already assembled ready to the yamaha taillight is almost same size

Mine is still plenty strong. I have 4 bolts holding it on. 2 by the light and 2 near the airbox side of it.

It really wasn't that bad to modify. ive got compliments on the looks of it.

I saw that I can get almost the exact thing with the fender like mentioned above for like $50. But I had already installed mine at that point.

Mine hasnt shown any sign of weekining at all. Works great. Which is more than I can say for the dang tailight bulb. I keep blowin it every couple of rides from the vibrations.

I used the Scotts Performance plate holder and mounted a license plate light from Auto Zone under the fender. The light is in the shape of a 3/4 roll of lifesavers. I know wierd desciption. But it works great. I think its for trucks.

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