Brake light hot lead

I am hooking up the rear brake hydraulic switch that bolts to the master cylinder to get a street license plate for my 2002 wr426. What is the best place to tap in to run a wire from to get full time hot juice for the switch? (Here in Arizona we don't need blinkers and a battery so it's pretty much a brake light, bicycle horn and a rear view mirror deal). Thanks

I am not postitive I am sure of what you are asking but...the switch has two legs (wires) one goes to the feed from the bike, the other goes to the brake-filament wire from the bulb. I made a diagram a while ago for someone else, but have a look... :)

BTW, I had to right-click and "show picture" for it to work.


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I spliced into the taillight circuit under the seat. There are two connectors from the wiring harness, and three for the taillight. I found the positive lead from the harness and spliced a wire to it that ran down to the banjo-bolt-switch. Then the other lead from the switch goes to the unused taillight connector.

Yes, from the wiring diagram it appears I want to tap into the yellow wire between the voltage regulator and the lights switch. (A switched brake lamp isn't cool unless you are on Delta Force). So anybody done it and found a good place to intercept the wire? Thanks

i would say if you want the juice ful time tap into the brake light line. It is always on when the bike is on right. that is what i would do.

Gently peel back the outer sleeving anywhere in the loom between the connector next to the LH radiator top and above the carb. There you will find a yellow wire. This is regulated to 12v so connect a new yellow wire onto it, run it to your brake light switch. Connect the other side of your brakelight switch to the third wire on your rear light.

If you dont have 3 wires running from your rear light then PM me for more.

Originally posted by AZWR426:

(A switched brake lamp isn't cool unless you are on Delta Force)

Actually it is cool for all the time that you are on the trail with your buddies and don't want them concentrating on your brake light.

Just take the power from the other side of the light switch if it really matters to you that it is not switched.

Found it!!!! Thanks, now to decide if I really want it full time hot or not. Thanks for all the great input. Mark

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