Want to here from you(wide gear ratio)

Want to here from you guys who have done ,or know somebody who have replaced there gears in there YZ450F with the WR450 tranny gears, for the wide gear ratio I read a couple of days ago. Also who is this good for? THe trail guy, supermoto, THe hair scrambler? I always think that i'm in the top of fourth gear on those long open roads, when i am really in fith. I mostly trail ride very little track riding. The 07WR450 gears will fit my 06YZ450F?

The 07WR450 gears will fit my 06YZ450F?
Yes. It's much less expensive to convert an '06 than an earlier model, too.


Trail riders, desert and hare & hound/enduro types will benefit. SM guys may prefer the closer ratio YZF trans.

guys riding their YZ's on the street would like the WR trans also - keep the rpm's lower while cruising on the freeway without having to gear so high it feels like you're starting off in 3rd gear.

So does this tranny swap only effect 1ST and 5TH gear? Is 2ND 3RD 4TH pretty well the same as the YZ tran? I would hate to spend all that money and then not like it. How would I know that this would be the right swap for me? I've never rode a WR, so your guys input would be sweet.(also read the other thread posted the other day, just a couple questions of my own.)

Thanks gray. Love the input you have to give. That does help me. I'm thinking that I might just stay with the YZ setup. I think the shorter gears would benifit me a little more. Some pretty steep stuff here where in live, But there alot of logging roads. I dont think i need to go any faster. My bike still fly's with the YZ tran. For me that would be trouble, cause who does'nt like to go a little faster. Besides i'm onley 155lbs on a 450. That sucker pulls.

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