Idling issue 06 450

On my last few outings it seems that when I start my bike it seems to be idling pretty high, I turned it down slightly and i seemed ok the first time this happened and it ran ok, but the next time I rode my bike (another day) it seemed to do the same, is this normal i.e. temp change etc ? and do you regulary have to adjst the idle. Also am I correct that I am adjusting the idle correctly with the knob adjuster I have circled in the pic. Other than this once moving the bike seems to run ok. The bikes motor is stock other than I have routed the carb airlines + oil breather into airbox (not sure if this has anything to do with my prob) cheers in advance fellas.

Heres the pic


Start by adjusting the idle mixture (pilot/fuel screw). If you get that set right and still have this problem, check your valve clearances.

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