YZ250f Hours - How many is too much?

I have an 01 YZ250f bought new and well cared for, < 70hrs total.

(work injury cut into riding time significantly)

She starts easily, runs great, and when I installed the 03 cam top end looked

as new.

I would like to see a full 200hr summer out of it this year.

Why not?

do what you want to. but i would at least do a fresh piston and cam chain . these piston have hardly and skirt on them no point in risking it when a new oem piston cost $60. also i dont under stand did you replace the top end or measure any of the part you say " top end looked as new." so did you take the head off? all you see when changing out the cams is the cam journals. good luck i hope everything can hold up for 200hours the original piston

200 hrs is a LOT of seat time

all of the blue 250f's can hold up. *IF* treated well!!!

change that oil often. and if the crank starts showing wear, you best replace it and the chain soon.

if you were to do anything to it now, check the crank, toss the chain, new valve springs and seals. jet it right and let it rip!

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