Rear Wave Rotor for XR650R Problem

I bought a Galfer wave rotor for the rear of my XR650R and it didn't come with any hardware. When I try to use the stock bolts, they are too small for the hole diameter. I checked fastener sites like McMaster-Carr and I can't find anything that would work. Has anyone else used one of these before? Did I just get the wrong one, because the ID of the rotor is correct, but the OD looks a bit small when you compare it to the stock one.

Sounds like you might have a rotor for the 650l.

Are the bolt holes in the rotor counter sunk or recessed?

Yes they are recessed. Looking at Galfer's catalog it looks like they don't even sell a rear rotor for the XR650R. Does anyone have a recommendation for one?

Braking? Not sure if they make one for it though.

It is going to be a hard rear rotor to find because they run such a huge rotor.

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