NX650 power issue

I have a 1988 NX650 that has around 22,000 miles. I have installed a hotcam and completed Dave's mods. The valves have been properly adjusted along with all the fluids being changed. It still has the stock gearing of 15/45. It also has the stock dual exhaust and the snorkle is still installed on the airbox. I am running the stock paper airfilter. My problem is the the bike is rather unresponsive until it revs past 4K. Once it reaches those rpm it pulls very strong up to and past the redline. I was wonder what I should do to regain some of my lower end short of replacing the cam with the stock one? When riding some of the dual sport roads I travel I am constantly shifting to keep the bike in the power band. if it drops down below 4k it just doesn't have the guts to pull the bike in deep sand/gravel. Any suggestions?



it would help if you told us exactly what mods you made. did you rejet, if so to what size jets? below 4000rpm's, what exactly is it doing? you really need to get a foam filter and remove the snorkel.

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