Going from auto 50 to manual bike...

How to you all teach your kids during the transition? Just get them a bike and tell em' what to do or do you throw them on you're bike with you and let them work the clutch/throttle the first few times? Breyden is 8 now and has a JR50 and a little off brand 70cc crap bike. Rings went out after 3rd time riding it, rides that thing too hard (70cc crap bike). He's only been riding for a few weeks but seems like he's been one one since he was 4. Has no fear and runs them as hard as possible. I'd like to have him on a 65 by mid summer if possible. He would do it now but I want him to get more experience first but am thinking about throwing him on my 125 with me to get him used to the clutch that way he's not going in completely blind when we get him one. Just curious on you're thoughts about teaching him to work the controls.

Best way to do it is to get them the basics first - you know - let them drop the clutch with some RPMs just to get going for a while - once they get their yayas out and are more patient to receiving detailed instruction, teach them the proper technique of slipping the clutch/giving throttle combination. Once they have smooth starting under control, teach them about RPM and power relationships and clutching in corners to stop from lugging the motor etc.

baby steps

Gotcha. Just curious cause no one really taught me. I just went to a friends house when we were little kids and he had a pair of KX65's and pointed to one and said lets go! Had to figure it out on my own.

My son didn't WANT instruction so I said - have at er - have fun. He never stalled it just ran off like a jackrabbit every time he started from a stop. Of course, the first hill we encountered was a great place for some instruction.

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