KTM 65sx cylinder Hone?

I just put a new piston and rings in my son's 98 sx65. Seems to run good. I have a wr250f that everyone writes about using a pad on the cylinder walls or honing when doing a top end. Is this something that should be done on a 2 stroke ktm sx? I just lubed the cylinder and put it back together.

I had a shop use one of them spiraly brushes connected to a drill. Took only a minute and he did it for free. Other's on here have used a scotchbrite pad.

If you still saw decent crosshatch in the bore the work you did on the SX should be fine, but if it was a mirror like finish, I suggest you take it apart again and hone it (yourself with scotchbrite or a drill/brush/hone, or get a shop to do it).

You need the crosshatch to properly seat the new rings

We have been running it a little but in the 34 degree weather-- so I can't tell if the smoke is excessive or not. Seems to to smoke some mostly white color I don't klnow what the norm is with the bike because I put the piston in as soon as I got it.

Do you remember how the jug looked when you had it apart? - it's always going to smoke - it's a 2 stroke - they burn oil in the mix, that has no impact on whether your rings will seat correctly, and improperly seated rings can cause problems down the road such as early compression loss, blowby, uneven ring wear causing piston to cylinder contact, it's up to you whether you want to pull it apart - I would and just give the jug a quick deglazing (also known as honing) with scotchbrite pad at the very least - you will likely be able to reuse your gaskets since it hasn't been together long enough.

Thanks for the input on this. Now that I think of it there was definately no mirror like finish on the lining. I cleaned up the whole jug with break cleaner inside and out to get the ports cleaned, the cylinder was dull and didn't have the glaze look. I think I am going to leave it go until I am due for another ring or top end. Now I at least will be careful to do the wr the right way. Sucks being a newby, but getting by and learning.

just remeber you always want to see a crosshatch in the finish.

Thanks, that is an easy way to remember. Will be looking when the WR250f gets a new top end soon.

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