Do you use a fuel sysetm cleaner?

Do you guys recommend using a fuel system cleaner every so often in the DRZ?

Seafoam, FI cleaner, etc in the gas tank.


Sometimes I don't wanna take the carb out and apart to clean it! :lol:

Do you guys recommend using a fuel system cleaner every so often in the DRZ?

Techron from Chevron. :lol:

I loves me some seafoam. Use as directed.

I pour a few ounces of Seafoam in every few tankfuls. Used this on my last bike and continued with the green E. Dunno if it really helps keep the carb clean but I figure it won't hurt.

Every so often I put a shot of something in every vehicle, definately not as often as bottle recommendations, but something. Never had any issues I could link as connected, but also never had a plugged injector or a complete carb block up.


I fought with an old KLR that would not run smooth no matter how many times I cleaned the carb. Ran some seafoam through it and bam........good as new. Well, good for a KLR.

Thanks for the replies guys!

Hi Ken!

Just as a counter point, I've never adding anything to my motorcycle tanks or had a problem that wasn't related to my poor carb tweaking.

Techron from Chevron. :lol:


we have a winner...

I only use Chevron Super. I use Seafoam as a fuel stabilizer for the winter time when I can't ride for 3-4 months. Never had any issues...

Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale, my bikes loves the stuff!

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