525 EXC or Husqvarna TE 510? Which is easier...

For model year 2005, which of the two bikes do you think is better suited for tight trails, woods riding? Thanks

both good bikes. if you can afford the $$ toss a coin!

DONT get a new gen TE510 from the fist year of production (05 or 06).

they had crank problems. i like the way the TE510 revs up, lots to offer there!! and they dont seem to be falling apart. yet 525 is well tested now and has more parts out there. and used ones are cheap!

THe 510 is a pretty intence motor, I would be happy in big open terrain, in the woods its intimidating.

The biggest issue is range of gears, Husky pretty closly grouped, geared for the woods you would not want to cruise down the hiway at 60 for very long as its buzzing. I love the Husky but most would find the 525 more versitle

Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I love the look of the Husky, but I want the power to be managable. I need a trail bike that I can occasionally ride to the grocery store for fun.

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