Hot cams stage 2 and JE 13.5-1 piston

I have decided that i want to bump up the performance of my 450. I bought hot cams stage 2 cam and a high comp. je 13.5 piston. I was wondering if anyone has any expirience with this combo. and if you have are there any issues with the pair.

i think it would be a good combination the high comp. piston will make good low end power and the stage - 2 will make good mid & high end power.let us know how it works out.

Yeah please let us know how it works. I need to do something to bump up my power.

It will rip. hopefully you have a pipe already so the whole thing can breath.

just putting the cam in will make a huge would also save time and money.

What year is the bike?? I have an 08 that's like new,(like 10 hrs), & want to bump it,,,,some.

Currently have a guy running a midly ported head and he decided on a stage 2 hot cams...with OEM piston.

I worked on getting him some more snap with the head (he liked the early kawi 450 powerbands), particularly in the exhaust port, but his decision with that cam kinda made getting the snap hard off bottom!

That said, as is with stock compression ratio it runs same as stock off bottom, with a better mid to top, though no real hit (which is a good thing for most people)

Soon to go in will be a I will report his feelings on that when its done.

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