Aftermarket headlight photos please

Hello folks

Im contemplating changing the headlight on my DRZ i feel its the only part of the bike that could do with changing to make it look more modern/ agressive post up your pics of different headlights to give me a hand


Here is mine! More custom than aftermarket though!:lol:


Check my garage , i have a exc '00-'04 ktm headlight .

Bump! :p

Acerbis Dimension HP


Black Mamba


Acerbis Diamond




Baja Designs 8"

I gotta tell ya...I like Rock Monster's custom setup!

I was all up for upgrading my lighting to HID but after reading the letter of the law I read that unless the unit is E-marked and comes as a complete kit, i.e. lens, reflector... ballast etc it isn't road legal over here. Which doesn't shake me down too much but after riding through Tooting, and Streatham late at night I know why they set that law to be thus. It dazzles all oncoming traffic if fitted incorrectly and is a public nuissance. Nothing more irritating than being blinded when riding.

So yeah, I'm up for an upgrade too but prefferably designed as a full e-marked bit of kit.

Trailtech do a nice bit of kit, I'm just not sure whether it's road legal and going to be dazzling beam of horror for oncomers.

Check out their stuff.

acerbis DHH



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