Does a 2002 CR250R ride much different than a 2003 YZ 250?


I had a 2003 YZ 250 for 3 years. I rode motocross and did a few hare scrambles with it. The bike was GREAT! I sold it last summer due to needing money to pay off taxes. I have a chance to get a 2002 CR 250R with less than 5 hours of running time in perfect shape. I have never riden a CR 250, just my YZ 250. I heard that Honda does not have much of a hit on the bottom, is this true? Do you think it will have a similiar hit that my YZ had?

Any advice would be great!



i got a 2003 cr 250 with boyesen reeds and a doma pipe, runs great, best bike i've had so far.. dont miss any low rpm power at all, havent tried out a stock one though...

If u get it cheap with less than 5 hours running time i wouldn't doubt a second about buying it!

get it man

I had a 03 YZ 250. I felt it didnt turn like my 02 Honda 250. You might be a little unhappy with the low end torque compared to the Yamaha. But the mid range and top end are awesome. Just my opinion. You'll have to judge for yourself.

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