Good Camera?

Does anyone know a good video camera to record riding? Cheap,good quality,etc.

Check this one....I got it for x-mas...I think it fits my riding desires perfect.

My $.02

They even have different colors

After re-reading correctly your post. I'm assuming you're talking helmet?

thanks.. one of my sponsors tld me the canon mini dv but those are hella expensive

dude, go chinese they have like chinese manufacture sites all over the web with cameras, mp4 players... even spy gear. usually around $50.

I have a Go Pro Hero (wide angle). It records great video, and is so easy a cave man could use it. I have been quite happy with it. To check out some video go to Youtube and search CoKTM. I got mine from Rocky Mountain ATV, but they are common from most of the mail order houses.


iight ill have to check out the Chinese thing

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