Just when I was feelin' like a real wrencher...

So after re-jetting my bike, adding the edge tail, handguards, in-line fuel filter and adjusting my shocks I was starting to feel really confident. :lol:

Today I thought, I'm gonna install the mcct that has been sitting in my shop. Cool. I managed to turn the piston to TDC by turning the left side crank thingie and lining up the T. So far so good. Next I got the acct off and the mcct on without moving the black box or the exhaust. I'm thinking, haha this wrenchin' ain't so hard! Started the bike up and started backing out the mcct...suddenly the garage starts getting smoky and I'm thinkin' ***! I cut off the bike and look around and you guessed it, I forgot to put the 2 caps on the crank and the TDC window! There was oil everywhere! I put the caps on and attempted to clean the floor and the bike up. I put some oil in her and everything seems good now. I guess I've still got a lot to learn, obviously! :worthy:

What would a post by me be without another question. When I refilled the bike with oil I put a bit too much in. It goes probably a few mm past the full on the dipstick. Can I go with this or do I need to drain a bit. If I must drain, should I drain from the bottom drain or the frame drain? Thanks!

I'm no expert, but I think you will be fine on the oil level. I just pour in two quarts every time I do an oil change and it has never once been an issue.

So no prob being a bit above the full mark on the dipstick?

No, a lot of people on here do the same as me. If the oil sump was in the motor, it might be a problem, but since it's in the frame, it won't overfill your motor.

Yea your fine, low is bad, a little above is fine. Double may get you into trouble...

take the TDC window off again while the bike is runnin'... Should drop the oil level just a smidge ;-)

take the TDC window off again while the bike is runnin'... Should drop the oil level just a smidge ;-)

What kind of moron would do that? :lol:

What kind of moron would do that? :lol:

Not me Ive never done it!!!! Ok just the once!:worthy:

Just don't go full retard and leave the oil fill cap off too.

Never go full retard!!

LOL, I'm sure a lot of us have had some or other "Oh my God, I'm going to retard hell for this" blooper.

Live and learn :lol:

i broke a banjo bolt and felt mighty dumb for a week while i waited for a new one.

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