02 xr400r clutch replacement

I'm about to put a new clutch in my bike. I've been on the original since september of 01!!!! I have the clymer manual and am sure that its a fairly easy operation but is anything I should know/ do that is not in the manual? Any tips or tricks to make the process easier?

Thanks in advance,


If you are not repalcing the basket it is a piece of cake. Remove bolts and springs then plates, install new plates and springs your good to go.

Rememebr to soak new plates before installation.

BTW, thats ridiculous to have to replcae your clutch after 8 yrs, j/k. bulletproof.

Are you going back with OEM?

My '00 XR4 is still on its original too. Makes me think I should open it up for a look-see just for the heck of it.

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