1991 xr250l oil filter screen help

im trying to clean the oil filter screen, and can't figure out how to get the crank case cover off:

1-can't get the cover off, its slightly loose, but stuck somewhere. is there a trick?

2-is it nesseccary to replace the cover's gasket? parts can be hard to access where i live.

any help would be great as the bike is under a carport and it is now snowing:bonk:

man this thing is stubborn. it seems to be only stuck near the decompression lever. this has been disconnected since i got the bike, is it somehow preventing the cover from coming off?:lol:

A few ideas...

Double check you have all of the bolts AND the two nuts! There are two nuts on the bottom of the cover and can be easy to miss.

The decomp cam should go with the cover and the kick start shaft should stay with the engine. The kick shaft can provide quite a bit of resistance.

If the gasket is old it can stick to both sides of the case in different places. At most use your hands to pull or a rubber mallet to tap around the whole perimeter to loosen it from the engine case. Do NOT pry with a screwdriver.

Also, I think the foot peg and brake lever need to come off the bike to get the cover off.

thanks, i appreciate the help, this is getting frustrating.

i removed 11 fasteners: 9 bolts and 2 nuts.

i also removed the kicker, brake pedal, skid, and peg.

on the forward end of the cover (front wheel) i can create 1/8" gap. on the opposite side, by the swingarm bolt, it's tight to the case.

the gasket is old and fuct, so it may be the culprit. but what can i do? it's pretty tempting to wedge a flathead in there...:lol: but i know better.

will a penetrating oil harm anything around the kick shaft etc?

thanks again, i really want to ride this weekend:ride:

Try the rubber mallet trick all the way around the perimeter.

If you must pry try a rubber squeegee like for spreading epoxy.

One more thing... Did you remove the clutch cable? If not, squeeze the clutch lever and it will push away from the motor. Remove the cable after/ if that doesn't work.

Penetrating oil may not help but just try to keep it from running back towards the engine sump, tilt the bike away from the kick stand.

yeah when i squeeze the clutch it pushes out but no more than when i pull. so i just disconnected it.

so just to confirm:

both the clutch cable and decomp cable should be undone, leaving their springs to rest "closed"?

and then the cover should slide straight out?


so just to confirm:

both the clutch cable and decomp cable should be undone, leaving their springs to rest "closed"?

and then the cover should slide straight out?


It sounds like you have the procedure correct but one of the dowel pins is stuck. It's important that you try to pull the cover straight off, not at an angle. Otherwise it will make the problem worse. See if you can enlist a friend to tap on the side cover while you pull on it. The cover has two dowel pins one in the front on the bolt at ~3 O'Clock and one at 9 O'Clock as you face the cover. I think its the one at 9 O'Clock that is stuck.

Take a little oil and rub it on the kick start shaft, this will help the tight seal move over the splines easier when you do get it free. Better yet put one layer of electrical tape then lube it. This will keep you from damaging the seal. Unless you are going to replace it anyways.

well i got the SOB off, you were right, the 9 o'clock dowel pin was rusted shut. the screen wasn't even blocked (a few metal shards though:shocked: ). the old gasket was a pain to get off as well. got a new one coming tomorrow so:ride: . thanks for all the help red rider:thumbsup: .

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