Suspension help with '85 IT200 project

Hi all - I'm trying to resurrect my IT200 from the dusty, forgotten corner of my garage. The shock is toast, no damping whatsoever. Any idea where I can go for replacement parts for this, or a replacement shock altogether? Is it interchangeable with any other models? The local dealers haven't been any help, and the local rebuilder (Factory Connection) said they no longer have seals and parts for these. Any ideas?



Either ebay for another used 200 shock '84 thru '86 works or spend the cash and send it to works performance and have'em do what they call "heart transplant" to the shock.

Maybe some of the vintage/evulotion guys know someone who works on the older style monocross shocks factory connection maybe just choosing to do so cause it's to old and so they give ya a BS excuse when you ask.

the other thing you can do to is even here on this site is they list oem parts, i have a 92 wr i'm restoring and i have used the site to cross over numbers to check what all years use the same part numbers for different parts that are hard to find , that might help some too ...............

Best bet is measuring the eye holes, shock length from each eye and see if you can pick up a more modern one from FleaBay or bikeboneyard.

You got a steel frame so as long as the shocck you try to use is not to big as far as clearance with seat,fraame etc. then mount point can be altered or removed and custom made ones welded in place. I am currently putting inverted forks on my buddies old Yamaha 490 (84 I think) which was front and rear drum brakes but will be front disc when done and I used a 98 or 2000 yz250 triple clamp with the 490's fork bearings and the forks are prototype KX forks (I am guessing since we don't actually know bike they were for), the only thing that is slowing me down is figuring out which make of bike the front rim has to be to fit correctly as well as which caliper will mount right on the new forks

Thanks for the tips. I found a couple salvage yards that say they've got 'em, but they're not cheap. And I hate to drop any real money on a used shock that's probably as bad as the one I have now. I guess I'll take some measurements and see if I can find something else that fits, even if it takes some work. There seems to be enough room in there to wiggle something different in.

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