Really need your advice on purchase

Hey there. Great forum, I appreciate this place a great deal. Been learning lots about the DRZ's...a bike I've always had a keen interest in for it's versatility, reliability, and value. I currently have a '97 KTM RXC400 LC4. I like it, but I need greater reliability and less weight. Here's the thing I'd appreciate your input on (boils down to price)...

I found one w/in a couple of hours of me. It's a 2005 DRZ400S w/ 5K on the odometer. It looks to be in really great condition- looks like new, no fading (garage kept) and the owner seems to be an up front guy (full adult, family man, seems to know bikes pretty well.) He's the second owner, he bought it from the dealer the original owner bought it from. He's only had it one year- selling because he says he doesn't have time to ride b/c of work/family responsibilities. What else is relevant:

- says he changed the oil once while he's had it (can't vouch for previous owner)- again bike has 5K on it. Says it runs like a top- no issues.

- he changed the stator, but not the MCCT install. How big of an issue is this with the 2005's?

He wanted 3700 for it (basing that on KBB.) I plan to see it in person on Saturday, and he's giving me dibs on it. He says his rock bottom is 3400.

If all checks out- does 3400 sound reasonable? Sounds high to me, but I'm very tempted to just do it (again, providing it checks out) as I have not seen many DRZ's near me that have been cared for. Thoughts? Anything else to look out for?

HUGE thanks guys, I value your input.


Spounds reasonalbe. Hit Craigs list and a few others to get additional pricing. Values varies around the country so what is cheap in one area is expensive in another (and vice versa).

MCCT is a 20 minute swap if you take your time.

Depending on the market in your area of course, I think you can do even better than that; like 3k even. Can't hurt to try.

Thanks guys. I pressed him this afternoon on price, and he sounds firm that 3400 is his lowest. Now I don't mind paying a few hundred above for a good clean bike, but wish I had the service records also (as opposed to going on assumptions/word regarding oil changes.) It bites, b/c I'm not seeing many nearby at a reasonable price/mileage...they just don't seem to be on the market. Either folks hang onto them, or they're scooped up fast, I guess. Who knows- I'll definitely go see it Sat morning and if it checks out I may be DRZ'ing it soon.

Hey, Eric. Where in NC are you?

I'm just outside of Charlotte and got an '05 with 1000 on the odo back in Nov for $3100. I wouldn't say it was spotless, but very nice condition.

$3400 is not bad for this area (or at least it wasn't bad last summer) for one in great condition. With the economy and everything, though, I'd expect better deals to be showing up. I could be wrong.

There's actually a new '07 - I think (yellow, so I'm guessing '07) - sitting on a dealer's lot out here. If you're nearby, it might be worth seeing what they'd let it go for.

You said he "changed the stator"? Was that a full replace or just doing the loctite fix? I'm just beginning my mechanical education with this thing, but I'd be curious if he replaced it, why...

Let us know how it turns out.

EDIT: If he's using KBB to set pricing. You should pull out NADA value as a counter. It's listing an '05 average retail at just a hair above $3K. Neither KBB or NADA are really good guides for value of motorcycles, but if he's already using them, it could give you a little more leverage...

emoose- thanks for chiming in. I'm in the northern most area- near Warrenton. I really like the idea of an '07 (really like that idea, and would love to have a yellow over the blue I'm looking at) but he*l, 3400 is pushing past what I've budgeted.

It boils down to this: not having any way to know, for certain, if it had proper oil changes. Again, this guy had it about a year, and he doesn't know what happened prior. Objectively speaking that's not really unreasonable or unheard of, but it amounts to a leap of faith on my end.

On the one hand I feel like I have to take the position of erring on the side of caution and assume the worst case scenario- which would be to assume that the thing went 4-4.5K w/ no oil change. I feel that's very unlikely, based on it's presentation, but still...I have no way to know if it had any. So for sh*ts and giggles let's say this has happened (as this is the safest premise to base decisions on)...would this necessarily have toasted the engine? Don't get me wrong- I'd find this to be heinous and know it would have shaved many miles off the life expectancy of the engine. Maybe I'm too hung up on this whole issue as well.

Thanks guys- glad I found this place.


Depends on how much money you have now, how much you are willing to wait for a better deal and how much you're willing to spend or lose if it does turn out to have problems.

Pretty-much the same as anytime you buy a used vehicle.

Well put and precisely what I've been noodling with. Always a gamble, that's for sure. I'm hoping that seeing it (scrutinizing it, in person) is going to bring this thing into better focus- you know, give me something to base gut instinct on. Thanks fella.

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