Why is the 650 cheaper then the 400?

Why is the 650 cheaper then the 400?

DR650SE $5,699

DR-Z400SM $6,699

Cuz we gots cooler wheels and tires......Often wondered that myself. Coming off of an 87 DR600, I was torn, especially when seeing the price gap....No regrets though.

Really old technology vs not as old technology

Water cooled, better suspension, etc...

What Regalman said.....:lol:

+1 on Regalman's post. The DR 650 is a nice bike, but it is very heavy.

The DRZ 400 in any of it's forms are lighter, and in my opinion handle better. THere is lots of power left untapped in the stock motor of the 400 as compared to the 650 as well.

i rode CaptTurbo's DR 650 a couple of weeks ago and his has the Staintune with MX Rob's 39mm FCR MX and it runs very nice, but it's not as fast as my DRZ 400 with a Yosh RS2 and FCR MX, and not nearly as nimble.

Just my 2 cents


go ride one you'll know why ,they still have to sell em

It's half the bike!

For one, you are comparing the DR to the DRZSM. The DRZS is more comparable to the DR in that it is an actual dual sport rather than a supermoto type, and the S is only $6,099.

Lose 2,000.00 as soon as you roll the DR650 out the door. You lose even more when you find out that there are a ton of used 650's and few buyers when you go to sell. :lol:

Regal, that means I'm learning something 'cause that's what I was thinking. Ha, I'm learning, this is soo cool :lol:

The DR650 is lower, easily lowered more, simpler, cheaper to operate, has more power. There are lots of used around cause they sell so many. Both bikes have lots of available aftermarket parts so you can get them just the way you want. The more expensive 400sm model is more streetable but you are paying for the wheels and losing dirtability. Good luck on your choice!

Really old technology vs not as old technology

Yes, I see what you did there :lol:

I rode a 650 before I bought my DRZ and found even with the SM wheels I could do more off-road things than with the 650 as it's lighter and more agile. I have since bought "S" wheels and now have both worlds:thumbsup:

OT slightly and I don't remember for certain but I think the new KLX 250 sumo costs more than the new KLR 650 - I think.

the 400 suspension costs more.. the liquid cooling costs more.. and the 400 hasn't sold for as many years,so hasn't made as much of its development costs back.. the bikes are quite different. you really have to be honest with yourself as to what kind of riding you are going to do... there are places the 400 is better(off road) and places the 650 is a better choice(pavement) both have a huge loyal following and the riders of either will defend their Suz like a best friend. In my location, you couldn't even find a new 650 for a couple months last year. My local dealer sold over 100 650s in the last two years.... (I didn't catch how many 400s) ... beg borrow or steal a ride on both so you know you're making the right choice.. I picked 650... and of course, every thread is better with pics


Because they built them all in 1991 and they are still trying to get rid of them.

Because they built them all in 1991 and they are still trying to get rid of them.

:p:ride::moon: :moon: :lol::p:banana:

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