TTr Keihin 24mm

I would first try to clean out the carb take jets, needle and seat out. Spray in some carb cleaner and let it soak for a good while then take compressed air and blow out every passage way. Or if its having trouble starting get a size or 2 bigger pilot jet, and turn the fuel screw out half a turn- full turn and a half. I would try that before getting a whole new carb. Just my thought save some money if it was just because it was dirty.

I agree with fox, fix the carb you have. All ttr's have a little trouble cold starting because they are starving for fuel, a condition that is easily correctable with a 20 pilot jet. that will run you about five bucks from yamaha. pull the carb clean it up and install a bigger pilot jet before you throw 80 bucks at a carb that might not fit

Done that about 2 weeks ago, took it apart and soaked it in carb cleaner, let it dry and assembled it 3 days after and it fired up ok. After the first days riding tried starting the next day and it wasn't having any of it. Had the bike from new and it was always hard to start compared to other bikes, plus with the choke problems. The dealer says the carb bowl should be emptyed after every ride. Can't be arsed and i thought for the sake of 40 odd quid.

Soo think it would fit?

Four measurements would need to be taken... inlet outer bore, outlet outer bore, height from the center line bore to the top of the slide cap, and the overall length.

If the Keihin is within 1-2mm of the stock Mikuni in the bore diams and over all length, and within 2cm of the height, the carb will fit - but you may need different size clamps to get a tight, leak free fit.

Then you have to figure out the jetting - that's the time and money consuming part.

The cheaper method is the pilot upgrade on the stocker.


i have a 24 for sale that is in perfect condition. its a keihin pd24 the pumper carbs work great, much better than even the stock 20mm carb. No comparison.

pm me if you want it or it'll be up on ebay soon. the pd is much easier to jet than the pe carbs.

just my .02

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